About Us

For the past 30 years Norm Partin and company have built and executed high impact corporate entertainment programs for our clients.

Partin & Associates understands how important your customers are to the growth and sustainability of your business. Our programs are well planned, budgeted, and structured for you to treat your customers to an unforgettable experience that will showcase your appreciation for them.

We also customize other events such as guided fly fishing, golf outings, and driving schools offering you and your guests a truly unique experience. These events allow you to build relationships and spend quality time with your most valued customers. Partin & Associates has been coast to coast with high impact customer entertainment events.

Our specialty is building programs from the ground up for our clients. We take care of all the details and budgeting so that you, as the corporate host, can maximize your time with your customers. Let us help you create an annual strategy to show your appreciation for those who support your business. After all, it’s all about the customer.

The History of Partin and Associates

Norm Partin founded Partin & Associates in 1982 primarily as a media company focused on NASCAR. The first Partin & Associates venture produced the first national radio talk show in NASCAR. Other radio endeavors and television led to a 28-year career in the media.

In addition to several media projects, the company grew to handle sponsorships, media relations, advertising, and hospitality. At the urging of existing clients, Partin & Associates branched out to other sports and venues.

Partin & Associates specializes in high impact corporate entertainment events. We know the need for business owners and executives to provide annual events for their valued customers.

In the last 30 years, we have put people in racecars, at Course #2 at Pinehurst, and Amen Corner, all one-of-a-kind experiences. Our loyal clients trust their most important customers to Norm and his crew. Past corporate events include The Ryder Cup, luxury suites at major league facilities, golf at Pinehurst, driving racecars at multiple tracks, guided fishing trips, and more.

With 30 years of experience, Norm and company are hands on with every event from planning to execution.