Shared Events

Partin & Associates strives to develop “shared events.” For example, in Pebble Beach we take two or three clients each with independent programs and itineraries. The groups play different courses, eat at different restaurants, and enjoy a shared hospitality suite.

Participating clients equally split the operational & hospitality costs.

What is a Shared Event?
A shared event is where two or more clients are at the same venue at the same time. Each client has their own itinerary independent of the others.

The only interaction with other P & A clients is in the hospitality suite.

What are Fixed Costs?
Using Pebble Beach as an example, fixed costs are room rates, caddies, and greens fees.

What are Operational Costs?
Operation costs include hospitality suite and P & A travel expense.

What are Variable Costs?
Variable costs are meals at the event. Meals are billed following the event.

Case Study – Pebble Beach 2014
The “anchor” client signed on for golf at Pebble Beach and area courses, three nights in resort, and three rounds of golf. Their program cost $22,456 excluding meals.

A second client signed on, the anchor’s cost dropped to $16,915
A third client signed on, the anchor’s cost dropped to $14,803

In addition, we came in under budget by $2,535 resulting in another $845 reduction in the final total. The initial quote was $22,456 and ended up at $13,958. All three participating clients benefited from similar savings.

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